Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Indian Summer Sunday

TG Kate O's blog ticker tape reminded me that it is has been two weeks since I last posted. I wish I could post about all kinds of exciting things, but the truth is, nothing much worth blogging about has transpired.

Much of my focus the past week has been on nutrition and running. The nutrition is finally starting to come along. I've gone back to keeping a food journal and have really been trying to track the ratios and servings of fruit, starch, protein and fat. The good news is that I feel like I'm eating all of the time and am certainly not going hungry. Good nutritious food, really has much fewer calories. My energy levels are up and hopefully I'm beginning the process of changing my body composition. The bad news is that there is not much room for vino.

As for the run. . . I still feel like I'm making progress at the track (last week's 800s were on 8 minute pace), but am a little frustrated with the pace of my long runs. Last week's 14 miles averaged in the 10:20s and this week's long 16, while at much lower heart rates and more enjoyable, averaged around 10:45. Both, however, are way slower than where I need to end up come race time and well above my spring half marathon pace.

This weekend we've been enjoying a little bit of an indian summer. Temperatures during the day in the upper 70s and some of the bluest skies of the year. Hope everyone is enjoying it!

Congrats to all of the amazing folks who finished Kona yesterday in what appeared to be blistering conditions. I continue to be amazed by Chrissie Wellington - she has such fire and spunk and best of all, when she races looks like she wouldn't want to trade what she is doing with anything in the world. I can't wait to see the TV version this fall.