Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time Flies

The last month was a whirlwind.  Snow, travel to New York and London, an important client visit and entertaining and attempts to keep training throughout.  By the end of last weekend, and in time for our second big snow storm, my body had enough, and I woke up Friday with a bout of the stomach flu.  It cleared by Saturday, in time for my long ride and some snow shoveling.

Here are some pictures from the month.

Me -- getting my award -- more gadgets at the Carnival of Misfit Triathletes:

Bart getting his award . . . several pairs of new gloves to wear during winter long runs . . .
A few shots from my trip to London for work.  Unfortunately, during the times I had free, it was dark outside so the pictures aren't plentiful or good quality.  My favorite British things?  The red phone booths scattered everywhere, their love of champagne cocktails, the theater, and my hotel's gluten free breakfast!

And finally, our house has been transported into the snow belt.  As I type this, we are in our third major snow storm of the winter.  Here are some pictures from last weekend's dump.