Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crazy Busy

January was a whirlwind to say the least.  Work has been extremely busy.  In fact, my billable hours last month likely rank up there as one of the top five.  Certainly that is the case for the last few years.   The work, however, is interesting and challenging, so while busy, it certainly could be much worse.

I've also been on the road a bunch - LA, Detroit, Toledo and Columbus.  This week was my first full week in town since the new year.   LA, of course, was my favorite.  I was out there right before the Golden Globes and stayed in the Beverly Hilton - the actual site of the Golden Globes.   Sunny, warm AND an outside pool to boot!  Here is a picture of me on the red carpet.  Had to talk the Security guard into even letting me get close.

Work and travel have made two of my goals - consistency and nutrition - very difficult.   Getting in all of my workouts and proper recovery is one of my biggest challenges.   No matter how hard I try to recover when traveling, I inevitably put in longer hours, and my workouts on the road often feel like crap - heavy legs, and just out of whack.  And, work travel usually means work entertaining, which equals cocktails and meals out.  Neither of which are on plan for me.   Since I know this is where I struggle, I've been better than I have been in years past AND as coach says, I'm trying to be very present during the workouts I'm able to get in at home and even on the road.  And as for food and wine, I'm trying to do the best I can particularly during the time at home.

On the food front, did anyone else watch the Oprah special featuring the Vegan Challenge?  Great show, although I was a little disappointed with the emphasis the Vegan advocate put on processed non meat substitutes.  Still very impressed with Michael Pollen.  And, I think I found the proper word to describe the way I eat - that is Veganish.  Predominantly vegan most days but on some things, including some meat and fish on occasion that I know the source of, I don't stay vegan 100 percent.

Am still continuing to love my TRX training and trails runs.  And, I've added another workout "like" this month - Friday night date night with Bart at the pool post work.   We do a long swim and then head out to dinner.

And finally, GO STEELERS!!!!  Can't wait to cheer loudly and waive my terrible towel tomorrow!