Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life is Good

As Lulubelle and I took a late afternoon stroll around the neighborhood today, the sun was out, daffodills and tulips in bloom and the sky blue and clear. I had just finished a tough training week on top of a tough work week. But for some reason, none of that weighed on me and my step, while sore, felt light. One message kept echoing through my head, "Life is good."

I have a husband who trains with/or at the same time as me and doesn't think that spending 4 hrs to exercise on a Saturday followed by the need for huge nap is anything other than normal.

My new time trial bike McQueen felt fantastic and responsive on my 3 hr ride yesterday and I finally found a new seat, the Specialized Tritip SL Gel 50, that will take me through the half-ironman.

I have wonderful friends like TG40 to help me through a run (like mine today) when I'm not feeling motivated and my muscles not fresh.

I watched 3 hours of cycling on TV today - a previously taped Prologue for the Tour de California in the am and Sunday cyclismo on Versus as I write this blog.

I have a loving dog, Lulu, who takes pride in her morning ritual of getting the newspaper from the end of the driveway and would rather snuggle next to me than spend time anywhere else.

And... eventhough some weeks my job is tough and hard, it affords me the ability to do some of the things I love. . . like try out a new bottle of expensive wine for dinner, ride the exact bike I want, or be spoiled by Rosa who makes sure that every Friday when I return home from work, my house and laundry is clean and I can just relax.

Yes. . . life is good!


TriGirl 40 said...

Love this post.

And loved running with you today.

You have no idea how much having you as my training buddy means to me.

Though Fezzy and Buttercup think we all need to meet up for a post workout cooldown stroll.

Diane said...