Sunday, November 2, 2008

Updates and More Updates

The most important update first. Congrats to Kate O., Shawn, Sharon, Patty, Charlotte, Fred, Kate G. and Som on becoming Ironmen yesterday(Som for the 5th? time this year)! I am so proud of each one of you! Watching the online updates yesterday brought me back to a year ago in my own journey when I watched the Deannas, SQ, Karen, Anna, Carmen et al crossing the finish line and thinking that Ironman was something I wanted in my own future. 09 will be my year to give it a go and seeing everyone race yesterday only strengthened that desire.

The last two weeks have been packed. A trip to Bermuda for JK's wedding, then on to Montana for business, then back in town for W&M's homecoming, a beautiful fall ride in nothern Virginia, a busy work week, Halloween, oh... and some training for that half marathon in a few weeks in Richmond. Its been a bit crazy, but here are some of the highlights.

The beautiful beach at the Fairmont. Soft sand, clear turquoise water, a perfect setting for the wedding.

The gals all dressed up, a little wind blown and waiting for the trolley.

The happy couple says their vows.

A little change in gears. . . Back in the states, the next weekend we engaged in a little "off season" training on our hybrids. A ride on the Mt. Vernon trail from George Washington's estate to city center (about 19 miles) and back out was a perfect mix of a little sweat and lots of fun. The weather was picture perfect and due to the Marine Corps Marathon we were even able to ride down the middle of Constitution Avenue before meeting up with SG's brother for some mid-day "fuel."

Me and the boys post ride. Gregg tried to claim the yellow jersey for the day. It really belonged to SanDee. I highly recommend this ride. Once in D.C., if you bring a bike lock, you can take in all the sights and there are plenty of great places to stop to and from D.C., including Bart's favorite - the Ben & Jerry's in old town.

Yesterday, TGs Mollie, Katheryn, Debbie Jo, Fave, Lisa, TG40 and I checked out the new very flat half marathon course. I've determined that long runs are SO much more fun when run with others. The miles ticked off quickly as we wound through the beautiful neighborhoods of Richmond's northside. It will be helpful to have the landmarks of the course in my head on race day and it was good to have a decent long run (they've been alluding me this fall) in the bank before I start my taper. Thanks ladies for a great run!

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall. Congrats again to our Ironmen!


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Great pictures! Love the dress!
Looking forward to a great run next weekend, too.