Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random Thoughts from the Air post 2 for 2013. . . A good start. . . which is also how I'd classify my past week.  This post comes from high up in the air on my way to LA and hopefully a little more vitamin D than what the skies in Richmond have been able to offer this week.

Far from perfect in achieving my mini goals, I have at least made a good start and forward progress.  While not an excuse, my days don't ever seem to progress as I visualize them the night before.  Somehow, I'm sure due to the nature of my work, I am always greeted with new projects, phone calls and tasks that interfere with a well-planned day and yes, my own mini-goals.   I'd be lying if I told you I've done my 10 minutes of yoga/meditation every day, got up early every day I said I was going to or even drank the ounces of water I was supposed to the one day it was my mini-goal.  But I have achieved a bunch of my mini goals since the new year.  For example, I'm getting pretty efficient in packing my snacks and lunch.  While my goal is to bring twice a week,  I find I'm bringing nearly every day -- its definitely a financial savings and it helps with journaling and keeping on track of my nutrition.  I have food journaled every day since the new year -- even those days that I got a bit off track.  I've done yoga and/or spend 5 or 10 minutes being mindful at least a handful of days in the New Year.   Two new books are on my Nook (although I haven't started them yet. . . I'm hopeful I might get a few minutes to read this trip) and I even rejoined the world of morning workouts this week with an early morning run on Tuesday and a 5 am wakeup call this morning to get at least get the large part of my long run in before leaving for LA.  And, not to pat myself on the back too much, but so far, I passed up my customary glass of wine on the plane and brought my own lunch.

This week will be a challenge for me.  Being on the road always throws an additional wrench into my plans.  I find it exceedingly hard to go out to a nice dinner and not drink a glass of wine (or two), to make smart choices, to rest well and to fit my workouts in.  

Lots of small steps forward to make yet this year -- it is after all only two weeks into 2013 -- but I think once I start making them and continue to be conscious of my mini-goals, its easier to gain momentum and to turn the small steps into something bigger.   


Caroline said...

Great perspective on achieving the mini goals. And with your especially demanding job, it makes sense that sometimes the small goals get pushed to the backburner. I don't always achieve what I want each day, but I'm figuring out that it doesn't help to dwell on shortcomings - the next day is a new day. Hope you have a great trip!!

The Miller Family said...

I think being on the road is the just makes it hard to stay iin your routine...