Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I've been tagged.....

I've been tagged by my fellow TGs to list seven weird things about myself. Here we go:

1. Despite being a music major in college, I am terrible at remembering lyrics to songs, unless of course they are part of some opera in foreign language or lyrics in a musical.
2. I haven't eaten a normal piece of bread since last July - only millet and flax.
3. When I asked my husband to name one weird thing about me, he couldn't name any.
4. I get up every night in the middle of the night to help my 65 lb yellow lab get up onto the bed.
5. I love shoes and my family calls me Imelda, yet most times, when I am in my own house, you will find me in my bare feet.
6. I like running in the rain.
7. I've written a 10 page legal brief in less time than its taken me to compile this list.


Diane said...

Love those! And I have to agree with your husband that you are not at all weird.

TriGirl 40 said...

So you must be great at karaoke!