Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

The rain was supposed to stop today. But it never really did.

We delayed our fun ride around Ashland with TGSanDee and Gregg first an hour, then another. Then we cancelled. Bart and I still had to get our 3 plus hour ride in but, for a while, I crawled back in bed.

Finally, around 1, we knew the day was not going to get any longer, or the weather much better, so we packed up our gear and drove out to West Creek. After debating some alternate routes, we decided on our usual 27ish mile tour of Goochland on our road bikes. It was drizzling, the wind blowing, my legs completely flat from yesterday's race and post-race swim, and my mood extremely grumpy. I wish I could say it improved, but it didn't. As we came back towards our car, I felt frozen, disappointed in my turtle-like slow ride and called it quits for outside.

Then the guilt came. I am headed for Germany on Friday for a week with little options for training and I knew that finishing my scheduled time on the bike was important. So, when we returned home, as much as I wanted to crawl back in bed, Bart and I changed to dry clothes and got on our trainers to finish our rides. While slightly warmer, I still was not having a good day. We watched part of a movie and then somehow, while watching the pros grind up the huge climbs in the Tour of Flanders, I was able to get through the rest of my session on the trainer. Finally, I was done with my workout. It was not fun or easy but I finished. And finally, with that thought, I found my smile.


SusieQ said...

You are brave to even attempt a ride on a day like Sunday. Don't be so hard on yourself!