Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some Sunshine on a Rainy Race Day

Despite the rainy drizzle, yesterday's Monument Avenue 10K was definitely a sunny race for me. Pre-race, TG40, TG SanDee, Bart and I met up in the fan and walked down to the start sporting stylish large trash bags in an effort to stay as dry as possible before the start. At Monroe Park, we made our last minute trips to the port-o-potties and then headed over to corral H for the start.

We ran into a whole sea of pink in corral H, including TGs Lynn, Molly, Sharon, Kate, Jill, Mary, Debbie and Shawn. A bunch of the girls had already put in their morning workout of an hour and a half on their trainers and a run to the start.

Soon we were off and running. TG40 and I had our race plan - start the first mile at 9:30 pace and drop 5 seconds with each mile - and our Garmins were activated and ready to help pace us. TG Lynn also joined us from the start - with the promise that if she paced with us, she would talk and/or sing.

From the start, the miles ticked off quickly. We all felt good and Deanna and I abandoned race plan A for race plan B (holding a 9:15 pace) which was reserved for "if we felt good." We often found ourselves looking at our Garmins saying "too fast." After the first mile, I tried to stay in my HR zone 4 for the majority of the race. Towards miles 4 and 5, my heart rate kept creeping up towards my AT range and I was afraid I was going to burn out before the finish. But, we were headed down towards the finish and the crowds and numbers of racers were inspiring. It was great to have my weekend training partner on one side and another TG friend on the other side, occasionally singing out a little "Kung Foo Fighting" or pointing out someone on the course. TG40 pushed me through a hard mile 5, and then all three of us picked it up for the finish. With the finish in site, TG Lynn turned on her rocket burners. I was determined to not lose ground and TG40 and I put in our final kick and crossed the finish line together. The results - PRs.

All smiles we met up with Bart and the other TGs at the "T" in the park for some photos and race story swapping. Then, it was on to ANNNs for the official post-race celebration. She outdid herself with plenty of pink champagne and yummy chocolate covered bananas and marshmallows. A perfect sunny ending to a great race day.

My official time - 57:04. Ave pace 9:11. Place in my age group - 261/1818.


TriGirl 40 said...

Loved racing and celebrating with you! Congrats on the great PR!

Thanks for helping me through the tough patch yesterday.

SusieQ said...

Nice running B!