Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting Back on Plan

This week really deserved a few updates . . . but by evening's end, I've chosen some Kona week catch up and of course, some much needed zzzs.

Monday, I started back "on plan." I was ready. Despite my occasional runs, rides and swims since IMLP, I didn't do a very good job keeping consistent or, for that matter, in tip top shape. And, without Coach checking in, it was often easy to sleep in or skip a workout. I definitely needed the break, mentally and physically, but now I'm ready to jump back in.

Kona week was perfect inspiration to get my groove back on. I'll admit it; I was a Kona week junkie. Every morning, I logged back onto to listen to the daily podcast and read the newly posted human interest stories. I read each of my favorite pro blogs with eagerness to see what Ironman week activities they had on their schedule.

My own schedule this week included a trainer ride, a scorching bike ride on Wednesday after work with some Guppies where I held on to Bart and Travis' wheels for dear life in the hope I wouldn't cause them to fall too far off the lead pack, a run with Parker, a run on my own with a little time barefoot in the grass, weights, a run in my old haunt with Deanna and SanDee and a reevaluation with Dr. Green. Despite my slack schedule post ironman and the minimal miles on the road, my hip and right foot are still not 100%. I learned I need some orthotics and above all, I learned I need to NOT SKIP MY WEIGHT TRAINING. It appears I have very tiny lateral stability muscles and so my hip collapses when I run causing my issues. So starting next week, I'll have 3 days of weight training aimed at strengthening those muscles and my core. And, I am not allowed to follow my usual m.o. and get in my cardio but not my weights.

The highlight of the week was a metric century in Salisbury, MD, the Seagull Century. On Friday late afternoon, SanDee, Deanna and I loaded up SanDee's car with our bikes and gear and headed up the eastern shore to Salisbury, MD. We hit lots of traffic so we stopped at Cape Charles for dinner. We discovered a charming little town and a great restaurant, Aqua. After another hour on the road, we arrived at our accommodations for the evening, the EconoLodge in Princess Anne. Definitely not luxury, but it worked for the evening and we all got some good zzzs. The weather didn't cooperate with our plans and we woke on Saturday morning to dark skies and a prediction of rain. The prediction turned into a downpour right as we were parking near the start. We almost bagged completely, but decided to grab some coffee and wait out the rain. It stopped and so we pulled our bikes out and headed to the start line. The ride was great! Well marked, flat, extremely well supported, great rest stops and best of all, fun riding partners. We took it easy the first 20 miles, hammered the next 20 and then gave the strong headwinds a fight for the last 22. At the finish, we were all glad we had decided to ride and planned to put it on our "to do" list again.

I got back Saturday night just in time to watch Chrissie Wellington beat Paula Newby-Fraser's record at Kona. She is truly amazing. I loved watching the emotion just pour out of her at the finish line. You can tell she loves what she does. I also got to see our local Richmond 3Sports fast guy Adam Otstot cross under 9:30. Technology is awesome!

So I end my week headed back on track with workouts and adding a trip to Kona during race week to my bucket list. Bart better get busy training ;)


TriGirl 40 Something said...

You are more than back on track - you look great out there for the start of off season! Definitely need to hit the weight room with you!

I still can't find a way to see Chrissie's finish tho - bummer!