Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Musings

Although I knew I couldn't go pick it up today, I must admit to more than a twinge of disappointment when I called BikeBeat today to check on my new Trek Equinox TTX. It did not arrive. Steve wasn't in so I guess I have to wait for tomorrow for the update.

Fave asked today in weight training "Is their a specific focus to each rotation?" My response, mid-workout "Mine seem to be, CORE, CORE and more CORE." After my second visit to TriGirl weight training, it is patently obvious to me, I am severly lacking in the strong core department. Another thing I need to work on, push-ups.


Melissa said...

jsut think of how hot we are going to be on the beach next summer! ooh-la-la!

SusieQ said...

You are not alone with the core factor. 6-pack abs are not my claim to fame!


TriGirl 40 said...

Can't wait for you to get your new special ride - and to see you fly by on it! Post pictures!

margo said...

so jealous of your TTX - i looked at that a lot when i was shopping.

i also noticed that we have the exact same race schedule - so clearly this is all meant to be for us.


tryingtotri said...

Core what are core muscles?