Friday, December 14, 2007

Team Astana and Trek

Despite the Christmas bustle, all week I have been feeling slightly blue. The report on Tuesday was that it is not likely that my new TTX will be here in time for Christmas. While it was not imperative for race reasons that I have the new bike by then, I still wanted to see it sitting beside the Christmas tree (and, more importantly ride it on Saturday before we left for the holiday). As of Tuesday, Trek had no explanation for the delay... they are just behind on their Project Ones.

I now know, however, the real reason. Announced just yesterday afternoon, Trek's Project One team has been busy making new bikes for some other people..... Levi Leipheimer and Alberto Contador among them. Yes, yesterday Trek announced that they will be sponsoring the new Team Astana in 2008 and, Team Astana will be riding the Equinox TTX (my new bike) and the 2008 Madone (hopefully someday in my future). The new rides look incredible.

This announcement, of course, made me grin ear to ear. Ever since reading the book, "Its not about the Bike," Trek has been one of my favorite companies. Johan Bruyneel, the former manager of the U.S. Postal team, Discovery Team and now the new manager for team Astana, says it best "I didn't go to anyone else for bikes in 2008." Yes, I am a Lance Armstrong follower, but I also had come to root for the newest Discovery Team members, especially after their tremendous performance in last year's tour. To me, Trek bikes are synonymous with innovation and technology.
To know that my very own bike is being made by the same people who have made in the past and just made new bikes for the first and third place winner of the Tour de France makes me look forward even more to my own 2008 race season with my new Trek. Now that I have the same bike, guess I'll just have to work even harder to try and cycle just as fast :)