Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saturday with the Gals

Since Naylor's, and the end of my 2007 season, Saturdays have primarily been spent at football games, catching up with things on my weekend "to-do" list and training with my husband. Lately, the two of us have either treked outside for our Saturday morning cycle at West Creek (testing our new cold weather gear) or spent time on the trainers in our basement workout room. While on the trainers, I try to pass time more quickly by watching one of my favorite TV shows or a DVD from our cycling collection (Breaking Away is my favorite). Even still, time spent inside on the trainer seems to tick away slowly.

Consequently, I was looking forward to this Saturday's workout -- the first session of indoor cycling at Maramarc. The only part I wasn't eager for? The 7 am start.

As I had hoped, this Saturday's session on the trainer flew by. Surrounded by twenty some other training partners, the hour of cadence drills and one legged spinning seemed to last only minutes. It was great to meet some new people I'll be sweating it out with over the next few months, catch up on everyone's race calendars for 2008 and even catch a glimpse of some brand new pink tatoos. Soon enough, the bike was over and we were headed to my favorite part of Saturday training with the gals.... post-workout coffee at Starbucks! A few good laughs, lots of smiling faces and plenty of time to catch up over a good cup a coffee..... it is definitely good to be back!


TriGirl 40 said...

Missed seeing you when I missed the workout (and the coffee). Long crazy week at work. Glad you had fun!