Sunday, January 27, 2008


For the past few weeks, I have been dodging the outdoor Saturday ride with Endorphin and even an outside ride with TG40 and TG Diane. I'm not a fan of riding in the cold weather and I'm totally scared of being dropped either out in Goochland or on some other route where I don't know my way back.

By Friday morning, I still hadn't committed 100% to riding outside. My husband, who ventures out nearly every Saturday on the Endorphin ride, knew this and around mid-day Friday emailed me this picture. Yep! I'd admit it. I was definitely chicken. Friday night TRIDi echoed Bart's email and called into question my attendance Saturday in the sub40 degree temperatures.

The picture and email were all this stubborn gal needed. So at 10:30 yesterday morning, I bundled up for the 30 degree temperatures and headed out to West Creek to meet TG40 and Richard for a spin out to Goochland. Bart joined us too after missing his 10:00 ride.

I wish I could say I had a great time. Despite the fantastic company, I hated every minute of yesterday's ride, especially the first half of it. My legs felt like they had no fuel, my quads burned from yesterday's speed workout with Brenda and I struggled every minute to keep up and to catch someone's wheel. The ride improved slightly after the halfway point - I think partially because of the gu I ate but also because I think we started to hit less uphills and more downhills - but I still was disappointed with my performance. And, the icing on the cake, just when I thought we were on the homestretch - we got stopped from coming back to West Creek through Capital One by the security and had to add a few extra miles (and a hill or two) to detour back out to Patterson. Total ride time 2 hours, ave pace right around 15.

Deflated and frustrated after the ride, I headed home and finished with 20 more LONG minutes on my time trial bike. I was almost 40 minutes short of my proscribed time for the day, but I just could pedal anymore.

All I kept thinking was how am I ever going to do this half ironman if I can't ride for 3 hours on a training Saturday? If I can't feel good at this pace, how am I ever going to be able to ride with the big boys? Bart helped adjust my attitude with reminders that not every day is a good day, my body and legs aren't fresh and its cold outside. Shrug it off and don't be so hard on yourself!

I'm still not entirely convinced. But, on a positive note, I'm not a chicken. I did get out there, face one of my fears and ride in the cold. Despite the fact that I struggled every minute, I did not get left out in Goochland and I will be back out there next Saturday to try again. Who knows, maybe one of these days soon I'll even work up enough courage to ride the 10:00 ride.


Diane said...

Can't believe I had to miss it! Next time...

Melissa said...

at least you got out there. and as much as we all hate the bad days...they are there to push us for the better and really enjoy the good. keep it up!