Friday, May 2, 2008

Beyond Expectations at White Lake

So far my White Lake experience has been beyond my expectations.

Accommodations - SanDee, TG40 and I road-tripped on Wednesday. From the pictures on the various website, we anticipated a run down lake area and nothing special. Much to our delight, our condo is awesome - decorated very comfortably, right on the lake and less than a 1/2 mile to the FFA center for the start. The town of White Lake is charming - certainly a step back in time, but really cute.

The weather - Initial forecasts predicted nearly constant thunderstorms. After we arrived, the forecasts changed and now predict low 80s, partly cloudy and NO rain.

The lake - I had heard the lake was clear and not deep, but nothing could have prepared me for this lake. It is FABULOUS! For any pool swimmers who don't like open water because they can't see the bottom or fear creatures, this is your PERFECT race. The water temperature is ideal too. I could have spent hours in the water yesterday in my wetsuit. I had none of my usual open water panic moments. Now.. if I could only have lane markers so I didn't have to sight.

The course - Flat, flat, flat. I had heard this but still expected a rolling hill somewhere. There were none. Not on the run course or the bike course. Now this does mean no variety in pedaling on the course, it also means NO HILLS!!! Right now, I'd rather have the later.

The experience - I've spent the last two days catching up on R&R, relaxing with great friends, starting a good book and sharing great meals. We've talked nutrition and race strategy and I've done my last few workouts in the surroundings I will race in tomorrow. While I'm sure I will still have race day jitters, I am so lucky to have enjoyed these few perfect pre-race days.
Bring it on White Lake. These TGs are ready!