Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Great May 15th!

I think it won't matter how old I am, birthdays always make me feel like a kid. The moment I open my eyes, I know the day is different and I can't help but feel good, happy and excited. The sun seems brighter and little things never get me down or under my skin.
This morning was no different and today has been fantastic! I've felt spoiled and definitely special. First thing this morning, Bart had a wonderful card for me and and even a separate card from Lulu. He also gave me a Yurman bracelet I've had my eye on for some time that matches my blue Yurman ring. Its beautiful and I've worn it all day. He also sherpaed my bike on to the back of his car so I could take it to my VO2 bike test this morning. I also got to open up a package from my Mom and Dad that I've been eyeing for a few days - a cute new red and white outfit to match the red patent shoes my mom and I bought the last time she visited.
Then came my workout for the day. Even my dreaded V02 max test on the bike didn't seem as bad as usual. Don't get me wrong, there is still nothing good about wearing that claustrophobic mask and pushing yourself to the limit, but I tried to harness some of my positive energy to push myself a little harder. My results are still improving so I guess the hard work is paying off.
I finally made my way into the office late this morning and had a busy, but effective day filled with well wishes, cards and even a pedicure from some of my friends a work.
Tonight, since Bart had a scheduled tennis match, I'm going to celebrate with my friend Carol, who is my birthday twin. Drinks and dinner with the gals at Osaka. Can't wait. Then tomorrow its my bday dinner with Bart at Chez Max.
I am definitely blessed!


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Happy Birthday! What great sounding celebrations - and looovve the bracelet!!!!