Friday, September 12, 2008

A mid-month update

Sorry for taking so long between posts. Last week was hectic with a trip to Chicago late night work hours. And this week, I've been exhausted and under the weather since Wednesday.

I wish I could report that things have been going swimmingly on my new back to school plan. But, they have not.

First, the nutrition. I have learned that my body can not handle a high protein diet. Twelve ounces of meat a day does crazy things to my stomach and I need more carbs to sustain my workouts. Consequently after 4 days on the diet, my stomach (and my husband) was saying STOP and my long run on the weekend was a disaster death march. So I dropped all the extra meat, but apparently (I learned today) didn't compensate with enough calories . . . which has contributed to this week's malaise. Today I returned to my nutritionist Tina and so hopefully after this weekend, I'll be back on track. New plan, new start.

Second, the strength training. This part is actually going well. I have gone each week to my Wed am core endurance class and as of Monday am now set up with a strength training program to add in one other day during the week. I am now able to laugh the day after core training without cringing from pain. Always a good sign :)

Running. Well I still really don't like it and my training gets mixed reviews. As I alluded to above, my first week's long run was a disaster. I had NOTHING for the entire run after mile 2. My HR soared, I walked a TON and for the first time ever I couldn't complete my mileage because I was too afraid I was going to pass out. Granted, it was extremely hot and humid that Saturday in Nagshead, but still my results were frustrating. How could I not run 14 measly miles when two weeks earlier I did a half ironman? Many kudos to TG SanDee for sticking with me and helping me shake it off afterwards. Total distance of the death march - 10 miles. Mid-week following, I did have a great track workout which helped me regain some confidence. And, last weekend's long run was MUCH better. 15 miles completed. My pace was a little slower than I would have liked (Ave 11 min) but I felt better during the run and was able to complete the distance. There were even a few times when the tunes on my ipod brought a smile to my face.

Which brings me to this week. Monday was great - my calfs were sore but I managed to get through a personal training session in the morning and then in the evening, head back out for a short 40 min run workout with 15 hill repeats wedged in the middle. While my legs felt the long run from the day before, they eventually loosened up and I actually felt strong bounding up the hill.

Tuesday was when I first started feeling wiped out. And so, I skipped my Tuesday evening easy cycle. Wed morning I headed out and made it through core class. I felt sluggish but I chalked it off to the 6 am hour and my upset stomach to dinner the night before. By mid day, my stomach felt rotten, I had chills off and on and I had a headache that wouldn't leave. I made it through the work day but collapsed that night on the couch at home and went to bed early. I felt slightly better yesterday but still sluggish. I made myself do my cycling workout before dinner - 75 mins of pedal stroke and cadence drills and riding. I had no legs for the workout and my sports drink made my stomach feel all bloated and gross. I managed to get through a normal dinner at Kitchen 64 and then headed to bed early in hopes of getting in my long run this morning before work.

When the alarm went off this morning, I knew 16 miles were not going to happen today. My head felt like it would explode and I was wiped out. So I rolled over and went back to bed for an hour or two.

Both Coach Harlow and my Nutritionist Tina concur. My body needs rest to fight off a bug I seemingly have caught AND I need to pay close attention to my calorie intake so I am eating enough. So no long run for me today. If I'm feeling well Sunday evening, I'm supposed to give it a go. In the interim, lots of fluids, enough calories and rest.


Kate said...

It's tough losing weight and even tougher trying to train and lose weight. Hope the new diet works better.