Saturday, September 27, 2008

The whole package

It doesn't make sense in this sport to try and get better if you are not going to pay attention to the whole package. It doesn't make sense to log hours and hours on the bike, pounding the pavement or swimming in the pool or even time in the weight room if you are going to ignore other aspects of our sport like getting enough sleep, proper hydration and eating right and of course, believing.

I know this.

Yet, again this week I expected results and improvement on my long Saturday run but completely ignored part of the package -- proper hydration and nutrition. As I suffered through my 12 miles today, I got angrier and angrier at myself. I know I called myself stupid many times. I had showed up to run, with all my nutrition and hydration for the day, I was mentally ready to put the tough effort in, but I hadn't followed any semblance of proper pre-run fueling.

Let's see... my last two days started their precipitous dive on Thursday night with a salad, loaded baked potato (cheese, sour cream, bacon), a cheeseburger (no bun) and, to top it off, a half bottle of wine. Thursday night I slept like crap (bc of the half bottle of wine) and woke up tired and likely dehydrated too. So, I slept in, missed my swim workout and recovery run and headed to the office. I tried to get myself back on track with breakfast - some buckwheat waffles, toasted plain with a fruit protein smoothie, but then chose poorly again at lunch with too many chips and salsa to go with my fajita fillings, rice and beans. I repeated Mexican for dinner (I could eat it every meal if it were healthy) with some more rice and beans, chips and cheese dip, and shrimp fajita filling. I added my salt for the evening with 2 margaritas. My dessert, a 200 calorie gluten free peanut butter cookie from Trader Joe's that I've been craving since last December when I had them last. Then, rather than going to bed early to get some extra sleep, I stayed up late baking my unhealthy cookies, watching the presidential debates and then reading, get this, Nutrition for Endurance Athletes.

As I was berating myself on the run today, I counted my fluid intake from yesterday.... 2 margaritas, 1 cup of coffee, 10 oz fruit smoothie, and only 24 oz water. Pitiful. Is it any wonder my legs felt like lead, I suffered dehydration symptoms and in general had a crappy run?

I know better.

If I really want to improve, I need to commit. . . not just at workout time, but also throughout the day and week. Wanting it and believing will only carry me so far, I need to pay attention to the whole package. Its time to start!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you've figured out what's holding you back, which is 1/2 the answer. I have no doubt you're now going to fix it :) Good job getting out there and doing it in any event!!

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

I love the part where you stay up late reading about nutrition for endurance athletes. :)

I refuse to believe wine could be anything but a good choice for the fruit and carbohydrate groups.