Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Round and Round I Go.....

Over the past week I've been to the track twice. The first time, last Saturday, for my three mile timed run and tonight, for my weekly speed workout.

My results pretty much mimicked my love/hate relationship with the track. Tonight's workout was successful and I left the track feeling positive. Saturday's run was frustrating and disappointing and I left the track questioning the work I am putting in.

But whether I have a good results or mediocre ones, there is something that draws me back to track. Why? I'm not sure. For hours before these workouts, I dread the burn I know I'll feel in my lungs and legs. I get anxious about meeting goal times. And at times during the repeats, I'm working so hard I dry heave and want to walk off the track. But, on the other hand, there is something rhythmic in the work of intervals, a simplicity in my task. I like the lightness and quickness I feel in my stride that occurs at the very beginning of each new set. Its empowering to have to work hard. And finally, there is the thrill and surprise when I pour out my everything and I pass a goal time that on paper pre-workout seemed unattainable.

Tonight, as I finished my 4th of 6 600s, the sun was setting in the sky in bright hues of purple and pink, my heart was racing hard, and there was the beginning of fall's crispness in the air. And despite the hard efforts and my raspy breathing, at that moment it was nothing but peaceful. Just me and the track. I smiled, and set off for number 5.


Kate said...

Go Bethany, I hear you on the love/hate thing with track. But you know if you can be consistent you will get results.