Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Although January 1 was a few days ago, tomorrow starts the beginning of my new year. Tonight I took some time to finalize some of my race plans for 2009, study my guidelines for my 28 day cleanse and think of all of the wonderful things that 2008 brought. And... of course, play a little bit on a facebook. I find it totally amazing that in the two short days since I've joined, I've reconnected with people from my hometown I haven't seen in over a decade, old college friends and, of course, the triathlon community.

As for 2009 goals, they are still a work in progress, much like the design of my Blog site. As you may have noticed, its starting to look a little different. IM Lake Placid is still at the forefront but there are many smaller goals, training and non-training along that need to fall into place. I don't do well with large overarching goals. I need smaller, specific tasks that I can check off in my planner at the end of the month.

So for now, a little brainstorming over January's goals and challenges. . .

Successfully complete my 28 day cleanse
Switch from the off-season to IM training
Finish stripping wallpaper in and paint my last guest bedroom
Pack lunch 2 times a week
Pep up my lesson plans for my spring law school class
Finish my blog redesign
Take at least three pictures each week.

These are mine... what are the rest of you up to?


Michelle said...

Love the hawaiian flowers. Happy New Year!

tri-ing races not cases said...

Unfortunately, the flowers have now disappeared... where did they go?

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Love the new blog look - and wishing you much success on the cleanse (the flowers were there for me!). Looking forward to a successful, fun and healthy 2009!

BTW - you are a natural on FB.