Monday, January 19, 2009

Placid Trainer Games

Temperatures on Saturday morning foiled our planned ride with RABA in Urbanna and were far to frigid to venture outside on the bike. My temperature low for outside riding, particularly when it lasts over an hour, is 30 degrees. So in order to break the monotony of a 2 hr and 40 minute planned trainer ride, Bart and I invited two fellow Placid peeps TG40 and DL and our ham sponsored rider GG over for the inaugural Troy Jacobsen Lake Placid Training Video viewing.

The video was entertaining, challenging (one of the toughest trainer rides I've ever ridden) and very informative. It was great to see the Ironman course and hear Coach Troy's helpful hints on where to save up, where to hydrate and make sure you eat and where the tough parts will be. Parts seemed counter intuitive - while Troy was cruising down the hill towards Keene in his big gears, we were in our small ring with a very high (over 100) cadence. When he was spinning up hills, we were grinding in our big gears trying to simulate climbing those big hills. I managed to make it through the entire 2 hrs and 53 minutes of the video, but not without a bunch of moaning and with some more relaxed gearing than what Troy calls for in the video. It was a great baseline ride for January though and it will be interesting to see when I ride it again if my gearing/cadence ratios improve as my fitness and hopefully my strength improves with the season.

On another note, my suspected plantar fascitis, is just that. I went and had ART done again on Friday morning and visited the orthopedist on Friday afternoon. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings were free from pain and my foot felt great. That is, until post long run last night and this morning. So, I'm back to the iced water bottle and lots of stretching this week and maybe a trip for some new shoes.


SusieQ said...

That sounds like fun (in a sick kind of way). I gave that exact training video to Rick for xmas. He needs to try it out asap!

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

I so have to agree that it was one of the toughest trainer workouts I've ever done. Now part of that may have been because Mr. GG set up my bike on the trainer with a few extra turns on the tension.

Looking forward to more - and thank you for having us over!

katebott said...

Do you do the towel stretch on your foot before you take your first step out of bed in the morning? For me that worked wonders for the PF.