Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Training Again

In addition to it being day 9 of my 28 day cleanse, I am finally back to official training. I received my plan yesterday via my own new website on TrainingPeaks. So far, the software looks pretty awesome. Lots of cool ways to share feedback information with Coach Michael like workout heart rates, mileage and Garmin stuff plus extras like perceived effort, sleep the night before, nutrition, etc.

My plan apparently is focused on "the run" for the first 8 weeks. Coach was excited by my technique session and believes that if I can fix the glitch in my recovery technique then I should be able to make great improvements in my run times. As any of you who read this know, the run is my least favorite, so a plan focused on it is not my ideal, but like the cleanse, I'm just going to listen, stick to it and have faith.

Today's workout was my bike VO2 test and technique analysis on the spin scan. I'm always amazed how quickly the VO2 test can suck the life out of your legs while you pedal. One minute I feel great and am working a great cadence, and then less than a minute later, my legs feel like they have been on a 60 mile bike ride. Don't know the results, but I would have liked to have pushed a few more watts. Oh well. That's what strength training is for right? Like the other technique sessions, my bike technique session revealed a few things to work on and possibly a fix to my shoe issue.

As for the cleanse, I'm still on plan. Still no red meat, wine, coffee, tomatoes, dairy, etc. I'm feeling pretty good and the headache and stomach issues I had on day 4 last week, have completely disappeared. Surprisingly, my craving for coffee has dissipated some but in its place, my desire for something red - red sauce, ketchup, salsa - you name it. The worst part now is trying to gag down the new protein powder geared towards reducing inflammation in my gut twice a day. The supposed pineapple banana flavor tastes more like a heavy dose of ginger, cinnamon and cardamon. This morning's smoothie with blueberry juice was so far the best at masking the strong spice flavor. Hopefully in the next 20 days I'll figure out the perfect smoothie concoction.


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Sounds like you are on the road to a great season. I admire your ability to stick with your detox/cleanse - especially with a less than yummy tasting protein drink.

Michelle said...

Now that's what I call dedication!