Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time Flies...

The time since my last blog has flown by. Work has been particularly busy and workouts are up to two a day for most days during the week. I haven't had much time to relax or blog. In fact, right now I'm multitasking in the Chicago airport while I wait for my late night flight. Here are some snippets of my HIGHS and lows from the last week.

Bart and I celebrated our 3rd "at sea" wedding anniversary last Saturday. I made a vow that next year, we'll celebrate where we should celebrate. . . on a boat in the BVI.

I am learning to like my long runs in Pocohontas. For those of you in Richmond, or visiting, Pocohontas is a FANTASTIC park. The trails are not too technical (less opportunity for a sprained ankle or a skimmed knee) and the park is peaceful. Its also hilly (great preparation for Placid). I really struggled my first weekend there, but last weekend went by a little bit faster, and I felt a little stronger. I even made it up all the hills without my HR skyrocketing beyond control or walking. Could have been my fresher legs, but I enjoyed it.

I am SOOO ready for warm weather and I definitely could not live in Chicago. I feared I would turn into a Popsicle the past two days and I can't even imagine having to train outside in this stuff. Last weekend's ride in Richmond was plenty cold for me.

Anything steeper than a 6 % grade makes me really work on the bike. I love my new Garmin Edge.

My stomach is still rejecting wine. :( Despite that, I still have had a glass or two. Call it an emergency.

I had a GREAT track session on the treadmill. I never thought I'd utter those words since I hate running on the treadmill and would rather swim long or bike if it is to cold or gross outside to run. That said, I had an appointment with Coach Michael on Tuesday morning for 600s at the track. I tried to cancel the night before because the weather was predicted to be in the low 20s. A regular run in the 20s is doable, but speed work for me is not. My legs just never warm up. So, after I tried to persuade Bart to go in my place (and he quickly refused), I sucked it up and headed to EF. After a warm up where my legs felt slow and heavy, we started a "warm up" 100s. Having no control over the buttons on the treadmill is a good and bad thing. Good, because you can't control the pace and have to hang on no matter what and Bad, because you can't control the pace. The 100s went pretty smoothly and soon it was time for the 600s. I must run an inconsistent pace on the track because believe it or not, my 600s on the treadmill almost felt (shhh... you didn't hear this...)easier. I'm thankful to have a Coach who pushes me and oftentimes believes more in my abilities than I do.

I'm thankful I don't travel for business every week. It totally screws up my schedule and my diet. I admire TriJones for working hard to juggle travel, work, home and training. Its tough.

I love gadgets. The latest I'm considering is a power meter. Two years ago my focus was more shoes, now its training gadgets. LOL!

That's all for now. Its now Friday - TGIF!


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

I love your Garmin, too.

You are rocking with your training - even with traveling and a crazy work schedule. Keeping fingers crossed I can join you in April for some trail runs.