Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Need Some Sunshine . . .

It's February and to my disappointment, Punxsutawney Phil yesterday predicted a longer winter. Cold sub30 morning workouts are not my favorite. In my mind, February should be warm OR I should be headed to someplace in the Caribbean to do some winter open water training and get my much needed dose of sunshine. I've been green with envy reading the sites of some of my favorite Hawaii triathletes, Bree Wee and Rachel Ross, as they train in such beautiful surroundings and conditions. And so, I've spent some of those cold runs or trainer rides dreaming of living in warmer weather or at least escaping to my favorite place, the British Virgin Islands.

Here is me last year, getting a dance workout in aboard our 50 foot catamaran.

We got a small glimpse of Spring on Sunday and oh the difference it made. The temperatures rose to the lower 60s and McQueen was begging for a ride outside. Bart and I rode with TG40, Richard and Kermit on a great 30 mile loop towards Ashland. I got to test out my new Edge 705 (I love it by the way) and the route was beautiful with some rollers and one decent hill to test out our winter fitness. The ride with friends and the sunshine made a perfect Sunday, to be topped off with the cherry of the weekend, a Steelers Superbowl win!
Unfortunately, this morning, I woke up to snow on the ground and 30 degree temperatures again. Rather than motivate myself to the track, I slept in, still tired from a hard Guppies workout yesterday morning, a long workday and my attempt at yoga during the lunch hour.
Our trip to the BVI is out this year -- our funds are going instead to two trips to Placid and our Ironman training. So, I'm back to praying for warmer temperatures to return and pulling out pictures from trips and fond memories of trips in years past to bring a smile to my face.
So here's to a warm winter day for this Saturday's ride. I hear it might be in the 50s! :)


Kate said...

I guess you call that picture training as you do have on your Endorphin top. JK...; )

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Loved last week's ride and hoping for an even better one this week. Hoping for a less spazzing yoga session, though! The longer days of sunshine are just around the corner!