Sunday, November 8, 2009

Detox Diet and "The Bike"

This week has been busy.  Winter workouts started at EF and its been so much fun to train with friends again.  Somehow planks and time on the trainer seem to go a little faster when there are friends to groan with you and hear your sore muscle complaints the next day. 

My focus this week has been on two things -- detoxing my diet and the bike.  As for the detox, I have now been 8 days without alcohol and 7 days without candy and 7 days back on my "diet."   I think the first few days were the worst although Friday brought some serious candy cravings and Saturday night out at friends without any vino was challenging.  But, I am seeing some success and that is keeping me going.  So far, my weight is getting close to IM weight again and my stomach is feeling great.  Not sure if it is the detox itself or the addition of my shakes made with UltraInflmx back in my daily routine.

The weather this weekend has been perfect.  Sunny skies, great temperatures.  Perfect for being outdoors.  Saturday morning SanDee, Kate, DB and I went for a long ride out onto the rural roads of Goochland and Rockville.  Nothing too crazy and a great fall ride.

After our ride, I headed to 3 Sports to pick up ... "The Bike."  Much to my chagrin, when we went into pick it up and handed Ben my normal, regular old pedals, he exclaimed, "No way.  I'm not putting those on this bike.  Where are your clipless pedals?"  "At home,"  I meekly replied.  "Well you need to put them on your bike.  I'm taking this pair."   So. . . after jokes about life insurance, I walked out of the shop with my beautiful new Titus and even more scared about my MTB escapades that were scheduled for Sunday.   Bart "kindly" put my new pedals on my bike when we got home and my cleats on my new yet to be worn MTB shoes and I headed off ot the pool for a swim and tried to put them out of my mind.

This morning, we put my bike on the trainer and I practiced clipping in and out of my new pedals.  They feel tighter than my road pedals and I'm definitely not as skilled at getting in or out of them.  After about 10 minutes of in and out, I figured I probably will go down at somepoint.  So, it might as well be my first day.  Bart and I met Shelley and Karen at Pocohontas for the ride.  After a tour of the parking lots so I could practice my pedals and we go use the bathrooms one last time, we headed out for the easy singletrack.  Shelly hung back during the beginning and game me my first lesson in handling -- stand with your pedals even when you aren't pedalling.  Easier said than done for a non-stander like me but it definitely made sense.  Karen rode lead so that I could see someone's lines and Shelly followed with advice.  Standing definitely felt wierd - particularly going down hill which I already dislike anyway -- but I did okay and my first topple over was a pretty soft fall.  Then we came to the creek.  At the creek, the trail winds down a fairly big right turn, over a narrow bridge and then up a fairly sharp climb.   The last time Bart and I rode and we came to the creek, I got off, walked my bike across the bride and up the hill and remounted.  This time I intended to do the same thing.  But my teachers had other things in mind.  My refusals fell onto deaf ears and soon I was on my bike with Shelly in front holding me back and she and Karen guiding me slowly down towards the creek.  At the bottom I pedaled hard up the other side, and ... ooops, over Karen's wheel before I went down.   Once on the other side, they made me do it again.  They tried for a third, but I drew the line and just kept riding, after I denounced them as friends.

After my hands stopped shaking and my breathing leveled, the rest of the ride was less dramatic.  I felt a little steadier as the ride continued but still not at ease.  After one loop, and no injuries, we headed back to the cars.  I love my new moutain bike and despite the fear am having fun pushing myself so far outside of my comfort zone.  Next week, we have a plan to meet again.  They tell me we'll ride longer and on a little harder trails which is intimidating but at the same time, I can't wait.


Fegirl said...

You did great you big goof ball!