Sunday, November 1, 2009


Feeling a little inspired by the giving spirit of pro Bree Wee and since this is the month of Thanksgiving, the theme for this month for me is giving.

First, the real giving. I've declared war on my closets and drawers. Its time to clean house and give to those who need it more than I the loads of extras in my closets and drawers that I really don't need or wear. Last weekend, I tackled half of my closet and one trunk of sweaters. This weekend, I made it through 5 drawers and the weekend isn't over yet. Already I have stacks of clothes set out to give. Not only does it feel good to clean house, I'm hoping it helps some others.

Second, a different kind of giving. Yep, giving two of my favorite things up . . . one for at least the next two weeks, and the other, for the month. Weight loss for me is one of the hardest parts of my training regimen. Even when I am 100% disciplined, it just doesn't come easy. One of my goals for the off season has been to lose 14 lbs. For the last month, I've "tried" unsuccessfully. There have been a lot of social events over the past month -- Bart's bday, my reunion -- so my discipline has wavered, and, in particular over the weekend. After last week at Tina's, it was clear. If I really want to do this, I need to give up two things - wine and processed sugars in things like candy. Today is day 2 on the wine and day 1 on the candy. Last night, on Halloween I stocked up with at least 4 mini candy bars. Oops! So, training partners. Keep me honest.

Post rain run photo . . .

Winter training classes at EF officially started today. After a run in the rain, Bart and I went to UR for a Sunday swim with team EF. EF has added a new swim coach, Rob, who has coached newbies, Division 1 and some serious swimmers. Am hoping that he, along with Coach K, can get my swim to the next level over the winter. Swim was fun . . . some new drills, and I even survived being in the same lane as Barracuda Bart without being lapped. Good thing we did short intervals today :)

Tired out.


SusieQ said...

Ahhh - so sweet :)

But seriously, giving up wine???

TriGirl Kate O said...

I need to question the wine thing too, especially headed into the holidays. Ack! Love the pics of Bart and the doggies!

tri-ing races not cases said...

Ladies... its only temporary. No fears, just have to get my system detoxed and working normal again.

TriGirl 40 Something said...

What a great theme for November! (the giving, not the giving up wine)