Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Even more about THE BIKE

When I posted Sunday about the Bike, I didn't realize how much "the Bike" would be the focus of my off season.  Then came Monday and my visit to Dr. Dec.

Since April, I've been struggling with hip pain and before that plantar fasciatis. Dr. Herring and Dr. Green got me through training and to be honest, both felt pretty good come time for Ironman.  I fully expected the tweaks of pain to go away completely in my rest weeks.  But they haven't.  And, in fact, my left side has become more plagued than it was before.

So I made my appointment and kept my fingers crossed that she would have my magic cure.  Maybe not a magic cure, but she does have a plan.  Unfortunately, I don't like it.  It seems my right weak side and my rather immobile left foot have lead to huge kinetic issues on my left side  -- my left hip, my left foot and a bunch of places in between.  So until I fix those issues with PT, I'm on "no run" orders.  I can cycle all I want, swim, strength train, run in the pool, do the elliptal but no running. 

It stinks, makes me anxious and I don't like it at all, but at the same time, I want to start January feeling like a million bucks.  Strong, injury free and ready to put in a hard season without getting sidelined.  So, I'm trying to keep an open mind.  I'll listen and put my efforts into getting better and riding faster.  I've got a fun new mountain bike to ride and a new road frame on the way so its a great time to be all about the bike.  Anyone up for a ride?


Kate said...

It will be so worth taking the time now. I am finally after almost a year running pain free and it is bliss!

TriGirl 40 Something said...

Off season is a good time to allow your body to heal. You'll go back to running stronger than ever.

SusieQ said...

It is frustrating to be told not to do something. But, your plan sounds like a good one.

Diane said...

Are you still thinking about some week day pace line practice? I would be the weak link but I'd love to try it.